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Mesozoic Project and Presentation

We will be doing presentations on October 9th. The Projects will be due on October 8th.

Students will be working on these in class as well as at home as individual or family projects.

Important information:

*The students have been asked to choose a dinosaur or archosaur from the Mesozoic Age: Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous.

*Students will be required to make a project to bring in as part of their presentation. This will be done at home, with family help, if desired. The written report will mostly be done in class

Your report must contain the following elements:

1. Title

2. Introductory paragraph/ concluding paragraph

3. Minimum of 8 paragraphs (including introductory and concluding)

4. Each paragraph requires a topic sentence and detail sentences

5. Accurate grammar, spelling, paragraph structure and punctuation

6. Neat handwriting (or typed on a computer)

7. Comprehensive information:

Dinosaur: description, environment, life cycle, details about lifestyle (predator, prey, family life,relationships with other dinosaurs), how they died, fun interesting facts

*Choose an Archosaur or Dinosaur from the correct era

* Create a 3D model (ideas: clay, paper, papier mache, wire---bonus point if I can eat it!)

*Make a Poster (A1 or A2) which includes:

*pictures (plus an A4 drawing of your dinosaur)


           -What is it like?

           -Where did it live?

          -What did it eat?

          -3 interesting facts

Your Mesozoic Created Project MUST:

1. Be accurate

2. Stand up

3. Have landscape details

4. Be creative with materials

Your Mesozoic Written Project MUST:

1. Be well written (grammar, spelling and neatness count!)

2. Be at least partially memorised

This project is worth 50 points:

      10 points for accuracy

                                 10 points for creativity

                                 10 points for execution

                                 15 points for the written report

                                 5 points for the oral presentation

Next week the students will write a rough draft of their report and the information that will be on their poster.

This is going to be so much fun!!!

Miss Krista


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