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Message from the Director - February 2021

Dear Parents,

We are fast approaching the end of our winter term at Townshend. As usual, this period has been one of endurance, tranquility and snowy excitement. Yet, as the first signs of spring appear, we are eagerly looking forward to the warm weather and sunshine, and the joy and rejuvenation it brings.

We have seen much growth over the past months, with students developing organisational and digital skills that will be an asset well into their future. Nevertheless, being away from friends, family, and teachers presents a unique challenge, and we appreciate that it can be harder than usual to remain motivated and focused. We are therefore extremely proud of our students’ effort this term, and grateful to our parents and staff for their consistent encouragement and positivity.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff if you have any concerns about your child's welfare or progress. We have provided key email addresses below, and would encourage students to contact any teacher they feel comfortable approaching.

Please be aware that during this period of digital-learning, students have been asked to keep their video cameras turned on. While being on camera can take some time getting used to, it is an easy way to boost engagement in lessons, and therefore important to us that students cooperate. If a student has a valid reason for not turning their video on (such as a broken camera), please contact their homeroom teacher directly.

While there has been some recent progress in the global situation, we still do not know how long we will be ‘Zooming’ for. We are therefore striving to see this period through with a mindset of growth and optimism, and to use the opportunity to keep developing our own pedagogical tools and resources. Many teachers have been developing creative ways to approach lessons and assignments which will be useful well beyond this year, and have been met with positive feedback from students. Nevertheless, we are always looking for ways to improve further, and are happy to receive feedback and ideas from students and parents alike.

As we pass through spring, we expect to develop a clearer picture of how the next few months may look, and hope that we will soon be able to welcome more students back to campus. In the meantime, let us all continue to support and motivate our children along their academic and personal journeys. It might be, during these special times, that a little extra love and support will go a long way.

Kind wishes,

V. Williams


Homeroom Teachers

Grade 7/8: Mr. Ozhan Akdag -

Grade 9: Ms. Manar Hassan -

Level 1: Ms. Sophie Nelson -

Level 2 Blue: Mr. Jorge Cortes -

Level 2 Red: Ms. Julie Wolfova -

Level 3: Mr. Scott Lancaster -

Level 4: Mr. Francesco Ciciulla -

School Counsellors

Mrs. Sholeh Zoelzer -

Mrs. Olga Shivairova -

Learning Support

Ms. Sophie Nelson -


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