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Online School Tasks 18.5-22.5

Monday:  5th and 6th grade

Writer’s Workshop: Online School

Maths: 5th: Ch 9 Lesson 12

6th: Ch 14- Graphs and Averages Lesson 6

Tuesday: 5th and 6th grade

Individual Zoom Chats

Maths: 5th: ch 10 lesson 2

6th: ch 14 Lesson 7

Wednesday:  5th and 6th grade


Geography: Choose a city (Nairobi, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro) pgs 46-51 and prepare an A3 poster highlighting the covered topics for each city.

History: Viking gods project: due 25.5

Maths: 5th: Ch 10 lesson 3

6th: Ch 14 Lesson 8


No School


No School

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