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Online Tasks 4.5-8.5

All assignments are due by Friday, 8.5 including tests. Tests must be supervised and signed by a parent or caregiver. Marks for homework will be given on Mondays. Monday:  5th and 6th grade

Maths: 5th: Ch 9 Lesson 8

6th: Ch 13 Lesson 8

Writer’s Workshop: Who has influenced you the most and why? Describe this person and their characteristics. Include details and stories about how they have influenced you in your life. This piece of written work should be at least 1.5 pages.

Tuesday: 5th and 6th grade

No individual chats today Maths: 5th: ch 9 lesson 9 6th: ch 13 Lesson 9 Wednesday:  5th and 6th grade Geography and History Zoom 9:00-10:00 Geography: Threats to Coasts read pgs 42,43 workbook 42,43 Viking gods project: due 20.5

Study Spellings Unit 22 Maths: 5th: Ch 9 Lesson 10 6th: Ch 13 Lesson 10 Thursday: 5th and 6th grade Grammar Unit 22, Science Zoom Grammar Unit 22 Practice, Extension

Spelling Test Unit 22 Maths: 5th: Ch 9 Lesson 11 6th: Ch 13 Review Science: 5th: “The Turning Earth” read pgs 73,74 Workbook 58,59 6th: “Friction” read pgs 93-99 Workbook 65-69 Friday: State Holiday- No School Spellings x2 Unit 23


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