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Primary School Highlights - April 2021

We were very happy to welcome our primary students back to campus earlier this month, following changes to Covid-19 restrictions in the Czech Republic. It has been interesting adapting to include regular testing and new hygiene measures in the weekly routines; but classes have gradually settled into their new schedule, and students (and teachers alike) have been very happy being together, in person, again.

Classes have been making the most of this change, with the students getting involved with gardening, shadow-mapping, painting, and learning through the creative arts.

Upper Primary Gardening: Cleaning and Replanting the Flowerbeds

Middle Primary Painting Flowers

Upper Primary writing about their hopes and dreams for the future

Grade 5 recording their shadows over the course of an hour

Stars of the Week

Well done to all the "Stars of the Week" in Middle and Upper Primary!

Upper Primary

⭐ Magda, for being enthusiastic to learn

⭐ Vali, for working hard

Middle Primary

⭐ Panka and Sofie, for helpfulness and courtesy

⭐ Ena, for respect and self-discipline

Some other highlights from this month:


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