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Primary School Highlights - February 2021

The school has felt very quiet for the past few days as our Lower Primary classes return to remote learning. We miss your energy, and hope to be back together soon!

In the meantime, lessons are going ahead with full force online. There have been Zoom parties, creative and artistic sessions with Ms. Vicky, and Stars of the Week.

Ayyam-i-Ha zoom party

A Zoom party was held with collaboration between Middle and Upper Primary. Ms. Vicky sang a medley of songs such as 'Be Brave' and 'The Friendship Song.' Then Ms. Nicole quizzed us on general knowledge with a bit of a scavenger hunt. Ms. Carolyn led some games like 'I Spy' and 'Murder Mystery'.

Middle Primary Stars of the Week

Well done to Bhuvansh, Catherine, and Amalka for being Middle Primary's "Stars of the Week" in February!

⭐ Bhuvansh, for being courteous and patient.

⭐ Catherine, for sharing her thoughts and participating in Zoom class.

⭐ Amalka, for completing all her assignments (even when she wasn't feeling well), and for always being polite and respectful by raising her hand in Zoom lessons.

Words of Wisdom from Miss Krista

While Miss Krista is unfortunately unable to join us at the moment, we are thankful to have some important words of wisdom that she shared last spring:


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