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Primary School Highlights - March 2021

March has been a very busy month for our primary students - and their teachers! It has been a month of arts, science, and lots of creativity. There were plenty of highlights outside the classroom too - Ms Vicky released her new music album, and Ms Nicole got married!

Zoom "Random Events", Glitter Tornados, and a Birthday Party 🎂

Middle Primary Volcano Project

Middle Primary made volcanos using soap, vinegar, food colouring, baking soda, and lots of creativity!

Upper Primary learning about Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Stars of the Week

Well done to all the "Stars of the Week" in Middle and Upper Primary!

Upper Primary

⭐ Alex

⭐ Adinka

⭐ Veronika

⭐ Vince

Middle Primary

⭐ Ilaeira, for creativity and excellence

⭐ Panka, for enthusiasm and self-discipline

⭐ Enda, for diligence and reliability

Music by Ms Vicky

This month Ms Vicky released her musical album, "Make me to Grow". You can listen to the album for free here:

"I wanted to make this an immersive experience, where the listener can lay their head down and relax and be carried away into nature, into dreams. It is perfect for bedtime, for all ages, for a devotional, for a meditation space."

Ms Nicole

Finally, a big congratulations to Ms Nicole, who got married this month!


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