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Revision/Exam Week

The week of June 1-5 is our Revision Week. We will be making study guides and taking practice tests.

Monday, 1st: Spelling Review. Students were given a compilation list of units 12-28. Homework is to either write each word 3 times OR write a sentence using each spelling word. They also need to complete Check Up 2 in the spelling book pg 62-64. These are due 8.6.20

Tuesday, 2nd: Grammar Review. English reading comprehension practice test.

Wednesday 3rd: Math Review

Thursday 4th: Science Review

Friday 5th: Writing Review

The week of June 8-12 will be our exam week.

The students will be tested in Maths, English (reading, writing, grammar, and spelling), and Science. Due to Covid-19, I have decided not to test the students on other subjects such as Geography and history.

Monday, 8th: Spelling test covering the compilation list given to students.

Tuesday, 9th: English Test The exam is three parts: reading, writing and grammar. The reading focuses on reading comprehension and being able to make inferences based on what they read. The writing task will ask them to write for a certain purpose. They need to remember the parts of a written text (beginning, middle and end) and remember to separate into paragraphs. Correct spelling and punctuation will also be important. The grammar portion covers parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and verb tenses), clauses, proofreading, pronouns, conjunctions (connectives), punctuation, direct and reported speech.

Wednesday, 10th: Math Test

Year 3: fractions, mass, volume, money, time, graphs, angles, lines and shapes, and perimeter.

Year 4: fractions, time, decimals, money, mass, volume, length, area, geometry and Roman numerals.

Thursday, 11th: Science test

Year 3: covering humans and animals (life processes, living and non living, senses, grouping living things), material properties (sorting materials, magnetic materials, properties and uses), plants (parts, what they need to grow, temperature and growth), forces and motion (pus and pull, changing shape and direction)

Year 4: covering human and animals (skeleton function, muscles and bones), sound (making and measuring, sound travel, materials prevent sound, pitch and loudness), electricity (constructing circuits and broken circuits), living things in their environment (identification keys, habitats), states of matter (solid, liquid gases, heat and cooling material, melting and freezing)

Friday, 12th: Make up test


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