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Revision/Test Schedule

As you might have already seen in my email, I apologize for my abrupt departure as I deal with my visa and appreciate your understanding and flexibility. After consulting with Ms. Krista, we have decided to go ahead with revision and testing in my absence. This is simply a good indicator for me to determine where each student is on their learning journey and should not to cause any additional stress. I am working closely with Ms. Nikola and Ms. Krista to ensure the children's learning progresses in my absence.

Revision week (Dec 2 - 6) will be similar to our usual timetable.

Monday - Spelling study guide

Tuesday - Grammar worksheet review

Wednesday - History study guide

Thursday - Science chapter test Year 3 only, Year 4 will continue in topic

Friday - Geography study guide

Math we will continue with normal lessons as we are not quite done with the first textbook. In addition to the study guides, the students are encouraged to study on quizlet as well.

Test week (Dec 9 - 13) will mirror revision week

Monday - Spelling test

Tuesday - Grammar test

Wednesday - History test

Thursday - Science chapter test year 3, Y4 will continue on with the usual lesson, Geography test Y3/4

Friday - Celebration/make up tests

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I miss everyone and look forward to coming back as soon as possible!


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