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Roman Empire Study Guide

Romulus and Remus Legendary founders of Rome

They were raised by a wolf

Remus was killed by Romulus

Be prepared to describe why Remus was killed

Rome Was founded in 509 BCE

It was originally ruled by the Etruscan people

It had a central location, close to water and trade and fertile farmland

The hill upon which Rome was founded was called Palatine Hill

Roman Republic Rome became a republic after conquering foreign kings

Latin The language spoken by the Romans

Government Be prepared to give a description of each of the three branches of government: Senate, Assembly, Consuls

Veto The power to approve or disapprove ideas in the government

Classes in Rome Patricians: Ruling class

Plebeian: Common people

Slaves: Can't be citizens

Be prepared to give details about the different classes

Roman Empire Title of the Roman Emperor is Caesar

A monarch (ruler) of an empire is called an emperor

The emperors (Caesars) were often dictators-meaning a ruler with absolute power

Augustus Caesar was the first Roman Emperor

Be prepared to describe some of the Roman Emperors

Be prepared to talk about the fate (ending) of Julius Caesar

Forum Rome's public meeting place where the Senate and other parts of the government would meet to discuss laws

Be prepared to remember what the Ancient Greek name for this type of place was


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