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Secondary School Highlights - April 2021

April would normally be the month of our annual Family Day, where students, staff, parents, and members of the local community attend a day of games, team challenges, and opportunities to spend quality time together.

This year many members of our family are again spread out across the world, and cannot be here in person. We miss them greatly, and look forward to being together again, in person, soon.

In the meantime, the secondary students have been keeping busy with library renovations, arts and music, a snackshop take-over, "boys night", and plenty of activities over the 12-day Ridván festival.

Library Renovation

Since being elected, this year's Student Council has been working on redesigning the library, and opening up its main doors. A Level 2 student suggested the idea, pointing out that rearranging the space could highlight the stunning view of the castle, let in extra sunlight and create a welcoming reception area for the visitors.

A plan was set in motion, a proposed design was made, permission from the school director granted, and the librarian's approval received.

Once they could make a start, the Student Council engaged two helpers from Level 2 and got to work. It took eight people, one weekend and a total of 9 hours to move the bookshelves, desks, reception, and to bring in new furniture. Now the library has more light coming through, and can host more students. We are happy to see that main door finally being opened, and look forward to the space's new potential being used as our students gradually return to in-person learning!

You can read more about the Student Council's other contributions on their instagram page here:

Music with Mey and Manuela

We had some fun recording Mey and Manuela in Level IV, who performed "Like a Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae in the girls dorm prayer room. 🎶

Level 3 Snackshop

Following the Spring Break, the Level III class has stepped up to take charge of the snackshop. It's been a good opportunity for the class to practice teamwork, business and commerce - and to hopefully fund their class trip at the end of next year!

"Boys Night"

On the last Friday of April, students had their first "Boys Night" of the year. It was a night for the students to relax and unwind together before the start of exams in the coming months. There was a lot of gaming as expected, as well as chess, music, food and drinks. It was also great to have several of our girls joining in for the evening's events.

Grade 7 & 8 English with Mrs Leith

Grade 7 and 8 have been working really hard online for English the past few months and I wanted to say well done to them all! We're currently exploring pre 20th century literature, poetry and drama which is really interesting. They've also been writing some excellent descriptive pieces recently of fantasy planets and their own gardens!

Here is a more visual piece to share from when we did some comic strip work as a holiday homework:

Well done to all of you!

Mrs Leith

Ridván Celebrations

The 12-day Ridván festival took place in April; here are some photos of the highlights, which included a bonfire, barbecue, brunches, and spiritual cafe.


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