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Secondary School Highlights - February 2021

February has been a busy month for our secondary students. We have seen the "alternative" annual winter ball, chess tournaments, class poetry, many gym-sessions and plenty going on in the dormitories. While we miss our day students greatly, it has been good to see them all in class each day, and many also engaged in virtual extracurricular activities.

Here are some of the highlights from this month:

Chess tournaments using the online Lichess platform

Chess remains a staple activity, independent of the pandemic and independent of language skills. This royal game challenges brains and for the time it lasts it allows people to forget the reality around. Our students participated in 5 online chess tournaments that were organised by the local chess community and run by the Chess Academy under the Institute of Technology and Business (VSTE).

Our students showed that chess cuts across language barriers and that even without a knowledge of the Czech language they could still successfully participate in the tournaments and get integrated into the local chess community.

The students represented Townshend really well. On 21st January Jasmína (Level 1) won the gold medal (1st place) and Farid (Grade 9) was 4th. On 5th February Farid won the silver medal (2nd place) and on the 11th February Mikhail (Level 1) was 5th.

If any students would like to participate in future online tournaments, they are encouraged to contact Mrs. Olga Shivairova.

Winter ball - with surprise valentines for our day students

This year's winter ball was a bit different to usual. While students were happy to dress up for some music and dancing, most of the time was spent with games, challenges, and just unwinding together.

There was also an arts table, where surprise valentines cards were made for day students. A big thank-you to Ida and Layla in Grade 7 and 8 for helping to deliver the finished cards to students in the local area.

Grade 9 Poetry

Students in Grade 9 were tasked with a poetry challenge. Each group was given a random list of words selected by the other students, and had to use these to create a poem. Here's what they came up with:

Random words: Moon, Glass, Yellow, Goat, Lampshade

The shining moon reflecting the suns light rays like a glass sphere.

The yellow rays casting a shadow on the lake illuminating the sleeping life.

The moonlight was casting a shade of a tree that resembled a goat.

It was almost like the moon was a lampshade.

Random words: Help, Ramen, Delicious, food, Spicy

I wish I could make spicy ramen right now

I wish spicy food wasn’t as spicy

I wish I could eat spicy ramen every day

I wish it wouldn’t cause my stomach to ache