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Secondary School Highlights - May and June 2021

We were very happy to welcome the majority of our secondary students back to the Townshend campus in May, concluding a gradual return to face-to-face learning. For many of our secondary students, this also coincided with the start of their IGCSE and A Level assessments, which ended in early June. We are very proud of each student's continued efforts this term, as they navigate their final exams, coursework deadlines, and university applications, whilst still finding the time and energy to be involved with activities outside of school.

This month has included bike trips, class dinners, photography, light painting, gardening, a staff vs student football match (with students coming away victorious), and our annual rose ceremony. As we now approach the middle of June, with only two weeks of the term remaining, there has been more time for excursions: the Level IVs have been away on their end-of-year class trip to Karlovy Vary, and last Friday each homeroom went away on a class day-trip, which included Prague Zoo, climbing Kleť mountain, and rafting, escape rooms, and a picnic in Český Krumlov.

Bike Trip to Holašovice and Záboří

On May 15th we went to Holašovice (UNESCO World Heritage) and Záboří, which display two different approaches to the typical architectural style of Southern Bohemia. We were lucky with the weather: it wasn't too cold or warm, hardly any wind and it only rained for 5 minutes while we happened to be having a rest at a sheltered bus stop. We met friendly people, as usual, and two dogs wanted to make friends with Simeon. The one in the picture came running towards us from a big distance just to say hello! We had a huge lunch outside a local restaurant, all within the recommendations for health at the current times, and I am personally looking forward to the next trip, hopefully soon!

~ Mr. Cortés

Photography and Light Painting

On the last Friday of May, students had a creative workshop on electronics, where they learned how to make LED Lights. This was followed by long exposure photography and light painting. Here are some of their results:

Level IV Class Dinner

As an end-of-year farewell, the Level IV class were invited to a dinner with Mrs Zoelzer in České Vrbné. The class helped build a bonfire, cooked paella, played football and outdoor games, and relax and unwind in eachother's company.

Digital Literacy - Comic by Layla

In Grade 8 Digital Literacy, Layla designed a storyboard online based on the topic 'If I had a superpower'. The short illustrated story showed both inventiveness and humour:

Rose Ceremony

Our annual Rose Ceremony took place in early June, where Graduating students from the class of 2021 received their report cards, and then took the opportunity to honour their teachers and school community. The Level IVs gave cards, gifts, and expressed thankfulness to everybody who had supported them over the years. The event was very meaningful, with nostalgic memories and gratitude shared by all who attended - a pleasant reminder of how blessed we are to be part of such a close-knit and caring community.

Thank you to our photographers, Fabian and Farid, for all their efforts capturing the event.


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