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Students of the Month for April and May 2021

Well done to Jan, Manuela, Laura, and Sophie, who received our April and May “Student of the Month” awards in recognition of their friendliness, cheerfulness, initiative, determination, enthusiasm, loyalty, and empathy. 🎊

The end-of-year exam period began at the end of April this year, and continued into early June. For many students, this can be a daunting period, as time becomes focussed on revision, past papers, and dealing with the exam stresses that start to be appear. For our final-year students, it can also be a reminder of their upcoming transition from school to the adult world beyond; an incredibly exciting, yet significant step in life's journey.

The friendliness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, loyalty and empathy shown by Jan, Manuela, Laura and Sophie were greatly valued over the past two months, for the positive impact they had on their friends and peers, as well as the wider school community of students and staff.


The following students also received recognition from many teachers for their effort and behaviour:

April: Zdenka, Alisa, Layla, Ethan, Sonya, Paula, Zoe, Ruirui, Aaliyah, Uliana, Mey, and Fabian.

May: Iasonas, Farid, Elizabeth, clara, Ruhullah, Bereket, Roman, lucas, Domani, Alan, Mey, Ruirui, Uliana, and Victor.

Well done to you all!

Manuela (Level IV), Jan (Level III), Sophie (Level I), and Laura (Level II)


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