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Students of the Month for February 2021

Well done to Jasmina and Aaliyah, our February Students of the Month, for their excellence in determination, humour, commitment, and self-discipline. 🎉

While February is the shortest month of the year, it can sometimes feel like the longest. It is a month of patience and slow transitions: the peak of winter has passed, along with the beauty and excitement of the snow; and although we can feel that spring (and the spring break!) is around the corner, it is a little too early to enjoy the warmth, sunshine, and natural beauty that it brings.

Determination, commitment, self-discipline, and humour have a profound effect during periods like this. These qualities allow us to to remain motivated, engaged, and focussed; to take charge of ourselves, and to continue meeting our goals. While humour has a very positive impact on our own wellbeing, it often has a widespread effect that can be greatly appreciated by those around us.


The following students were also shortlisted for the award this month:

Elijah, Ruirui, Pedro, Manuela, Uliana, Oleg, Farid, Juliet, Jan, Victor

Well done to you all!

Jasmina (Level 1) and Aaliyah (Level 3)


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