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Students of the Month for January 2021

Well done to Mey (Level 4) and Yaroslav (Grade 7), who received the January “Student of the Month” Award for their diligence, responsibility, gentleness, and for striving consistently. 👏

It was very difficult to select the recipients for this month's award, as many students had been shortlisted due to their hard work, behaviour, and contribution in classes. Nevertheless, the qualities shown by Mey and Yaroslav were highlighted by many of their teachers, and set them apart for this month's award.

Diligence, responsibility, and consistency in effort have a big impact in modern day life, where many of us are learning and working remotely; often under our own self-direction. It is easy to see how these qualities can underpin academic, personal, and professional progress, and that focussing on these few areas can have a big impact on achieving our goals.

It was also refreshing to see Yaroslav acknowledged for his gentleness; the virtue of being kind, understanding, and well-mannered toward others. While academic progress is important, it is equally necessary that our young people can go into the world armed with qualities that leave a positive impact on those around them.

So well done again to Mey, Yaroslav, and all the other students who have tried hard this month - both academically and personally. Your efforts are being seen!

Yaroslav (Grade 7) and Mey (Level 4)


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