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Sumerian City-States Project

Students are researching a specific Sumerian city-state. Please have your child do the research on the internet and fill in the research worksheet. Using this information, they will make an A3 poster with pictures and details about their city-state. They are also required to do a short presentation of their City-State in the form of an advertisement: this could be a power point presentation, a video, or a short play. These advertisments can be done individually or in small groups.

The poster should include:

Information about the City-State in an advertisement format:

1. History of the city-state

2. Important facts

3. Kings and Queens

4. Gods, goddesses and myths

5. Pictures (drawn or printed) of the city-state

This project is worth 35 points:

10 points for the poster and its detailed information and pictures

10 points for the presentation, its quality and execution and its accuracy of information

5 points each for creativity, execution and accuracy

This project is due on 30.11

I found many of the city-states on this website:

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is a good resource for each individual city-state

Some city-states are on Unesco:

You can find good info here at Britannica Encyclopedia:


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