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Terracotta Warrior Model

This term’s special history project will be to construct a 3D Terracotta Warrior out of any material you choose (clay, play dough, paper mache, wood, etc). The Terracotta Warrior is due on Thursday, November 28th. I encourage you to work together as a family and enjoy the process of making this impressive archaeological discovery. Please use the attached video and article (found here: to help you with your construction. You may choose to make an intact version or a ruin.

Please incorporate the following:

  1. Hair style (bun?)

  2. Facial features (face shape, eyes, nose, mouth)

  3. Facial Expression (anxious, stern, worried, strict)

  4. Outfit

  5. Weapon (optional)

  6. Proportional Body

Marking Rubric:

Accuracy- 10 points

Execution- 10 points

Creativity- 10 points


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