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You can choose one of three projects:

Project 1

Volcano 3D Cross-Section

Volcano Cross-Section MUST include:

Accurate parts 10 pts Labels 10 pts

Landscape 5 pts

Project 2

3D Erupting Volcano

3D Volcano must include:

Landscape 5 pts Working, demonstrable erupting volcano 20 pts

Project 3

Volcanoes Around Us 3D Map

3D map must include:

3D map of a country or continent 10 pts Accurate 3D landscape, including mountains, lakes etc…5 pts

Key or labels 5 pts

3D volcanoes accurately placed on the map 5 pts

Volcano project ideas are due Monday, February 24.

Volcano projects are due Wednesday, March 4.

You may consult with parents/family about volcano construction, but the majority of the work must be your own. You may use any materials that you would like as long as you fulfill all the requirements of your chosen project.


Meeting all requirements-25 pts Execution- 15 pts Creativity- 10 pts


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