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World Book Day 2021

March was the month of World Book Day; an annual event organised by UNESCO to promote reading and publishing.

To celebrate World Book Day, the English Department has created two digital boards (padlets) on which primary and secondary students can share their passion for books! The padlets will be available until April 30th for students to write, draw and share about their favourite books.

Padlet 1, "World Book Day"

Students can write and share reviews of your favourite books, by writing, drawing, audio and/or video recording yourself.

Padlet 2, "My Favourite Book Cover"

Students can create a book cover for your favourite book/s. You can draw it directly on the padlet or you can draw it on a piece of paper and upload its picture on the padlet!

Students can comment and vote the different reviews and book covers, by giving 1-5 stars. Prizes (and celebrations) will be awarded to the best reviews and book covers!

Please email the English teachers (Miss Gargioni, Miss Nelson, Miss Fucikova, Mrs Williams and Mrs Leith) if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing the amazing things you will do with the padlets!

(Check out the World Book Day's website (, where you can find podcasts, free audiobooks, videos and live events.)


Some highlights from World Book Day 2019: Reading with an unusual twist


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