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Writing a Good Paragraph

There are five times to start a new paragraph:

1. Time: when the time changes in the story.

ex. The next day, Simon went to the store.

2. Place: when the place changes in the story.

ex. Simon arrived at school and put his backpack next to his desk.

3. People: when a new character is introduced.

ex. Tony, Simon's best friend, came over to his desk.

4. Activity: when there is a new thing or activity happening.

ex. At PE, Tony and Simon played basketball.

5. Speaking: each time a new person speaks.

ex. Simon said, "Watch out!"

"OK!'" said Tony.

Show a new paragraph by indenting the first sentence.


My house is in Hluboka. It is a nice town.

There are lots of good people there and fun

things to do.

My daughters also like living here. It is where

they have gone to school and where they have their



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