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Year 3 Chapter 4: Forces and Motion

Push and Pull

  • Force = a push or pull

  • Push = a force that moves an object away from the source of the force

  • Pull = a force that moves an object towards the source of the force

  • Apply/Applied = to use something

    • EX) When I kick a ball, the applied force is my foot. The type of force is a push. The receiving force is the ball. The effect on the object is the ball moves.

  • Gravity = the pulling force of a large mass such as the Earth

Measuring Forces

  • Mass = the amount of matter in a material

  • Weight = a force caused by gravity pulling down on the mass of the object

Stopping and starting movements

  • Movement = the process of moving, changing position or shape

  • Shape = the outward form of something, its appearance

Changing shape

  • The shape of objects can be changed using force

    • Ex) rolling out dough, stretching a rubber band, or blowing up a balloon

  • Some objects take more force to change shape

    • Ex) metal, glass and cement all need machines to change shape

Forces speed up, slow down and change the direction of movement

  • Be able to explain how the experiment conducted in class resulted in the force speeding up, slowing down or changing direction.

    • Refer to your workbook page 64-65

  • How do the soles of different kinds of shoes move down a slope?

    • Refer to your workbook page 66-69


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