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  1. A warm sweater

  2. A wind breaker.

  3. Underwear and socks for 10 days.

  4. A sun hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.

  5. 5 - 6 T-shirts

  6. Several cotton trousers and shorts

  7. Bathing suit, flip-flops and towel

  8. Digital camera, if desired

  9. Refillable water bottle

  10. Toilet articles: hygiene products; shaver, tooth brush and paste; deodorant, shampoo, conditioner etc.

  11. Prayer book

  12. Running shoes; dress-shoes (optional for gala evening)

  13. Musical instrument (optional but welcome)

  14. Pyjamas or sweat pants and sweat shirt

  15. Medications which your child requires (Please inform the coordinators.)

  16. Pen and notebook

  17. Gala dress: casual smart:

    • Boys - clean shirt; cotton trousers

    • Girls - clean blouse or T-shirt; cotton skirt or pants, or modest dress

  18. Any additional money for travelling (optional). Any remaining travel money will be collected for safekeeping when the participant arrives at TFP.

What not to bring to TFP

  1. Please do not bring any item which you may feel goes against the spiritual purposes of the school. This includes certain music, print-media, photos, clothing which may reflect violent or sexual images or slogans, electronic games, videos or other material which is not in keeping with the community's goal of strengthening and valuing the spiritual identity of its citizens.

  2. Please pack only modest clothes.

  3. Do not bring skateboards or any similar toys. There will simply be no opportunity to use them.

  4. Do not bring any fire agents; such as,lighters, matches, fireworks, caps etc. Also, do not bring potentially dangerous items, such as knives.

  5. Please, no gum, candies or chocolates to keep in your room.

  6. Cell phones, passports, iPods / MP3-players, iPads and travel-tickets will be looked after by the coordinators during the TFP-Program.

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