Participant Transportation

[Please note, this information does not apply to the 2022 programme. For summer 2022, parents/guardians are responsible for bringing their Junior Youth to the Townshend campus at the start of TFP, and for collecting them after the camp.]

Concern over the safety of a child is natural for a parent, particularly when they may be travelling alone for the first time.

Please be assured that members of staff will be waiting to collect Junior Youth on their arrival, and will look after them until their transport departs. Townshend International School has been transporting the Junior Youth over the past years without any problems, using experienced and responsible drivers who have been performing this service for many years.


Junior Youth can have collection arranged from Prague Airport, Bus, and Train Stations, or from Ceske Budejovice Bus and Train Stations. At the airport, a staff member (with a TFP sign) will be waiting for them as soon as they come out of the customs area. For Junior Youth arriving by Train or Bus, the meeting place will be confirmed over email after the travel form is submitted.

On their departure, members of staff will accompany Junior Youth to the airport, and through the check-in process.

To ensure that transport can be arranged for your child, it is vital that you complete the travel and health forms within the stated period.​


When your child is accepted to TFP, you will receive a welcome letter containing the contact information for the programme coordinators. If your child has a cell phone, they will be able to contact home, or the coordinators, in case of any problem.

If you receive word from your child that their connecting flight has been delayed or cancelled, please message the coordinators using the mobile number provided, so the collection arrangements can be adjusted.

Then there are the general, common sense rules that everyone, adult and child, follows as a matter of course while travelling:

  • Only seek assistance from a recognised official, in transit and at the final destination.

  • Do not give anyone, other than a recognised official, any information about yourself.

  • Do not put your child's name on the outside of his clothing, such as on the sleeve.

  • Keep your passport and tickets in a safe place, perhaps in a small bag which you wear around your neck and under your shirt.

  • Keep your money well secured on your person. 

  • Do not leave any of the above listed items in a back-pack or in other carrying cases. If you are crossing borders, do not agree to "help" someone by carrying a bag for him or her. Carry only your own bags.

  • Keep your hands clean at all times. Carry a package of handy wipes to protect and promote health.

  • If your child has to change planes, phone the air carrier for instructions to give your child. There will always be uniformed officials at the airport who can help your child.

  • Upon arrival at the final destination, our staff will be standing by the exit door, outside of the customs area, holding a “TFP” sign. Go to that person and give him / her your name.

  • If, for some reason, your child does not see this individual, then he or she should go to the information desk at the airport and get in touch with any of the contact numbers above. Your child must remember to register with our staff should they come upon friends or other JY first.

  • Many airlines offer an “Unaccompanied Minor“ program where, for a fee, the child is escorted to his next plane, helped through customs, and given into the custody of the correct person at the pick-up destination. (also for the return flight). Should you decide to make use of this service, please be sure to pay the necessary fee for both the arriving and the return flight. Your child must carry the payment receipt for the two-way service. (Without proof of payment, the fee would have to be paid again on the return flight). 

All Junior-youth will be asked to contact home via their own devices the moment they arrive at Townshend - (approximately 3 to 5 hours after their arrival at the Prague airport or central train station). After this they will be asked to hand over their devices for the week. If there are any other travel tips which you need to add to this list, please let us know and we will add them. If there are any questions or further concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

After all the preceding warnings and "do-nots," one thing you should do is to convey to your child that this great adventure is going to be exciting, and that you have complete faith that he or she will accomplish this task (of travelling alone) without any trouble. Give your child confidence that all will be well and that he or she has the resources to deal with any little “wrinkle,” which might arise!