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At Townshend, we are privileged to welcome service volunteers of all ages. At the core of our service programme are the Year of Service (YoS) volunteers. The uniqueness of the school and the programmes that are offered give the YoS many opportunities to share their talents and abilities with both the residential programme as well as the school itself.

As a Year of Service volunteer, much of your time will be spent supporting the dorm parents in creating a cohesive, safe, and loving family environment. You will live in the dormitory where you take on the role of an older brother or sister – guiding, advising, and setting an example. You will also have opportunity to participate in the development of the students by tutoring study circles, organizing discussion groups, firesides and deepenings, and setting a mature example of dealing with conflict.

Your areas of service vary depending on the needs at the time, but will likely include serving as a teaching assistant, working in the school’s kindergarten and primary school, helping in the library, setting up for special school and community events such as celebrations and graduation, and helping with administrative or office work.

In addition to Year of Service volunteers, over the years we have welcomed couples, retirees, and people with free time who have come to contribute as members of our faculty, administrative staff, and facilities staff.

If you are interested in contributing to the lives of young people as a Year of Service volunteer, or adult volunteer, please use our Year of Service Form or General Interest Form.  


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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