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Peaceful & Safe

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Join the World at

Townshend International School

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Academic Excellence

For over two decades our record of academic excellence has sent students to the world's best universities, and into amazing careers of their choice. Outstanding caring teachers serve as mentors and guides.

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Peace and Safety

Located on a hilltop, in the picturesque town of Hluboka nad Vltavou, the Townshend campus is surrounded by the serene countryside of South Bohemia. The Czech Republic is ranked among the top ten most peaceful countries in the world.

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Character Education

Academic excellence is only part of the story at Townshend. We give attention to developing the character of each student, unlocking their full potential in all areas of life. We bring out the best, and set young people on a path of service to humanity.

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A Caring Community

Our team of dormitory parents, residential assistants, and personal counsellors work to create a caring and united community that students find to be a haven. Warm international friendships flourish at Townshend.

Students Share Their Thoughts...

Caring Teachers

Global Friendships

Cultural Experiences

“What a great experience to see the cultures of Europe! In a year we have gone to Budapest, Geneva, London, Nuremberg, Vienna, Athens, and Istanbul.”

“I love the diversity we have at Townshend. It’s a great privilege being here, and I can say I have friends from everywhere in the world.”

"Going to Townshend was not like going to any other high school. I can say that every one of my teachers contributed to who I have become today."










Visit our campus

We welcome you and your family to visit us, to see our campus, meet our community and experience our unique school.


Click the button below to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Located in Beautiful South Bohemia

In the Heart of Europe!

Our campus is just ten kilometers from the regional capital, Ceske Budejovice; a city of 100,000 people, with shops, restaurants, and cultural activities that enrich the lives of our students and staff.  

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