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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skills and Personal Development
    “Challenge yourself to learn to do something new, to explore new ideas, and to broaden your thinking.” Music lessons Choir Drama Club Photography Model UN Townshend News Team Baking Club Horse riding Persian, Russian, and Czech language classes Discussion evenings Leadership seminars Ruhi Institute Courses Yearbook
  • Sports
    “Challenge yourself to improve your performance, health and fitness.” Football Basketball Swimming Running “Insanity” Fitness classes Dance Cycling Yoga Dance Workshop
  • Service
    “Challenge yourself to actively seek out opportunities to be of service to others and to your community.” Children’s classes teacher Junior youth animator Peer tutoring Primary School Assistant Malala Project “Together To Gather” – a Townshend initiative to raise funds for education in other countries Refugee visits Environmental projects Working with campus gardening and facilities maintenance Teaching English to local children
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